The president Ernest Bai Koroma called for National Action on attitudinal change in the national media on , Monday 17 December.  ”It is fact we have called for a change in government,we voted the old one and voted in the new one.Now it is time for another change’ a change of attitude and behaviour’. The President expresses a desire to transform the Sierra Leone populace from all works of life.By changing our attitude he said,it will bring about change in the lives of the ordinary SierraLeonean.It is accepted that corruption, an instrument which has ruined the fabric of this country must stop.

 So how can an ordinary person influence this change? They can say “no” with a capital N when asked “what are you going to give me”? by any official or civil servant. Those paying the money are surely just as corrupt as those asking for it. This saying no has to apply to all levels of society in Sierra Leone, the business men and women, the rich and powerful, the NGOs as well as ordinary people. Indeed it is even more encumbant on the first three groups of people because they should be leading by example to help everyone to be able to resist corrupt practices.