We set off for our drive home at midday. We returned back in the boat to the jeep and then once loaded up we drove to Bo. We had a short stop at the Sewa River to take pictures of the sand miners. Another wide, clean free flowing river of Sierra Leone.  Bo is a pretty city, very refined and up-market with a more leisurely fel to it by comparison to the hustle and bustle of Freetown.


Topped up with petrol we set off for our homeward bound drive. The route is interesting passing vast swathes of beautifull countryside whch currently is not being cultivated in a systematic way. This was an area that suffered during the war and there is evidence of the war scarred, burnt buildings side by side with brand new replacement buildings.

Past another magnicent river where we had another photograph stop and over through Grafton and Regent to home and a few Star beers. H reported that he had thoroughly enjoyed all of the trip and I had to agree that irt had been a wonderful experience.