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Sunset fishing

Sunset fishing

Homeward bound

Homeward bound

The Sherbro are one of the oldest indigenous tribes in Sierra Leone with a rich, historical culture. They live on the coastal areas and are primarily a fishing people. Come and fish with local Sherbro fishermen. Benefit from generations of expertise, knowledge and skills. Experience at least six different traditional styles of fishing. This tour is ideal for any sea fishing enthusiast. Accommodation on the beach side at the edge of the Western Peninsula Rain Forest see


Price includes:

Meeting and assistance on arrival and departure

Airport to overnight hotel and onward to accommodation transfers

All meals

All boat, canoe and fishing trips

All internal travel

Overnight accommodation in Banana Island

One all night fishing trip

English speaking fishermen and/ or interpreters

Price excludes:



Departure tax (only payable on non European flights)

Excess baggage charges
Medical and personal insurance inclusive of personal loss, injury, flight delays, lost baggage and repatriation

Drinks (all of which are available to buy at reasonable prices)

Medical requirements

Personal expenditure telephone calls, tips etc

This is a holiday for the real fishing enthusiasts who want to immerse themselves in a total fishing culture. You will be able to live, breath, eat and talk fishing as well as practice some ancient fishing skills. You will have the chance to fish from the day you arrive at your base, Tito’s Paradise Eco Beach, up to and including the morning of your departure. The fishing styles will include, line fishing from the rocks or beach, a traditional paddle boat and RIB, chain fishing from a two man paddle boat with a local fisherman and from the beach side as a member of a chain fishing team, team chain fishing from a traditional 18 man boat, night-time boat fishing in a large traditional Pampa boat with engine and more.

Day 1 You will arrive in the evening, be met at airport personally by one of our team and transferred to hotel for overnight stay.

Day 2 AM you will be met at the hotel and transferred across the river by ferry and on to Tito’s Paradise Eco Beach. The afternoon will be spent line fishing from the rocks on the island where you will be directed to the best fishing spots. There will be an early evening ride up the river in the paddle boat taking you into the rain-forest. In the evening there will be a bonfire and good food. Just before sunset you will go out with a resident fisherman in the two man paddle boat to lay the chain net. He will pass on his expertise about this type of fishing.

Day 3 06.30 hours you will go out with the fisherman to pull the chain. After beaching the boat, if the catch has been good, you will go with the fisherman to sell the fish in a neighbouring village. In the early afternoon you will work with the fisherman to mend the net and prepare it for the evening. Then you will be free to take the paddle boat or RIB line fishing for yourself. There will be another early evening river trip up the next river. The net will be laid again at sunset.

Day 4 AM After collecting the chain you will be taken directly to Tombo, a busy fishing village. There you will become a member of an 18- 22 strong team of fishermen. Fishing is in a traditional large boat. When the chain is in place learn to beat the rhythm with the team to maximize the catch. This is a unique experience indeed.

Day 5 You will be taken to Banana and Rickets Islands, rich fishing grounds. You will stay at Dalton’s guest house and your host will take you out in his sturdy boat with engine for a day’s fishing off the coast of Rickets. You may see the crab catching monkeys as well.

Day 6 AM explore the extent of Banana Island and be shown the best fishing spots for line fishing. PM relax and/ or go line fishing. Sunset go off for an all night fishing trip with Dalton.

Day 7 Return to Tito’s Paradise for chain and line fishing.

Day 8 You will visit John Obey, where you will become a member of a land chain fishing team. Be trained in listening to the caller and experience the camaraderie involved in this ancient skill. Land the catch, help mend the nets and drink in the local fisherman’s bar to swap fisherman’s tales.

Day 9 You will be taken to Tokeh for another full day’s fishing as part of an 8 man team, yet another style of chain fishing.

Day 10 AM Final session of line fishing. Now you know the best places.PM you will be taken back to the airport by one or two of our team.

Key Information

Travel style 1 – 4 people

Start Location Lungi Airport, Sierra Leone

End Location Lungi Airport, Sierra Leone

Accommodation Wooden chalet and local huts.

Period All year round

Difficulty Suitable for most travellers/sea fishermen

About the operator

Accreditation Approval of Sierra Leone National Tourist Board

Years in business 4

Evening Launch

Evening Launch

Afternoon line catch 1

Afternoon line catch 1

Afternoon Line catch 2

Afternoon Line catch 2