The Languages of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a land of many wonderful languages, but you don’t need to know them all in order to be understood! Below are some common phrases in English, Spanish and Krio to get you started!

English Spanish Krio
The Simple Stuff
Yes Si Yes
No No Nor
Please Por favor Ah beg
Thank You Gracias Tenki
You’re Welcome De nada U welcom
No, thank you No, gracias Nor, tenki
Sorry Lo siento Sorry/ah beg pardin
Good Morning Buenos dias How di mornin
Good Afternoon Buenas tardes How di aftanoon
Good Evening Buenas noches How di evenin
Good Bye Adios Bye bye/ah de go
Hello/Hi Hola Kushe
See You Later Hasta luego We go see back
What is your name? Como se llama? Wetin na u nem?
My name is… Mi nombre es Ah name…
How are you? Como esta usted? How u do?
Fine, thank you Muy bien, gracias Fine, tenki
Do you speak English? Habla ingles? U sabi English?
I’m English Soy inglés Mi na English
I don’t understand No comprendo Ah nor undastand
Where are you? Donde estas? Usai u de?
Who’s playing football? Quien es jugando football? Udat de play football?
Please speak slowly Hable despacio por favor Ah beg, talk wan wan
Where is/are… ? Donde esta/estan… ? usai na/dem… ?
When? Cuando? Ustem?
Who? Quien? Udat?
Why? Por que? Wetin mek/why?
What? Que? Wetin?
How long? Cuanto tiempo? How long?
How much does it cost? Cuanto cuestra? Umos for dis?
How far? A que distancia? Ee far from ya?
Can you help me? Puede ayudarme? Doya hep mi?
what time is it? Que hora es? Wetin na di tem?
Useful Statements
I (don’t) like it (No) me gusta Ah (nor) lek am
I’m hungry Tengo hambre Ah angri
I’m thirsty Tengo sed Ah thisty/ah wan drink
I’m tired Estoy cansado Am tire
I’m ready Estoy listo Ah redi
Right now Ahora mismo Now
Just a minute Un momento Wan minit
Come in Entre Cam inside
It’s cheap Es barato Ee chip
It’s expensive Es caro Ee diya
It’s cold (weather) Hace frio Ee cold
It’s hot (weather) Hace calor Ee ot
A little Un poco Small
A lot Mucho plenti/boku
Tomorrow Manana tomara
Next week La semana proxima Nex wik
The Hotel
Bathroom Banos Bathroom
Swimming pool Piscina Swimming pool
Open Abierto Open
Closed Cerrado luk
Bed Cama Bed
Towel Toalla Tawel
Soap Jabon Soap
Pillow Almohada Pilla
Shower Una ducha Shawa
Iron Plancha Ayen
Hair drier Secador Iya drier
There are no towels No hay toallas Nor tawel nor de
I have a problem Tengo un problema Ah geh problem
The Restaurant
Waiter/waitress Camarero/camarera Waiter/waitress
I’d like… Quiero… Ah wan…
The bill please La cuenta, por favor Bring me bill please
Breakfast Desayuno brekfas
Lunch Almuerzo lunch
Dinner Cena Dinner
Knife Cuchillo nef
Fork Tenedor stika
Spoon Cuchara spoon
Tea Te Tea
Black Café negro Black
Coffee with milk Café con leche Coffee en milk
Milk Leche milk
Ice Hielo Ice
Mineral water Agua mineral Miniral wata
Wine Vino Wine
Beer Cerveza Beer
White wine Vino blanco White wine
Lemonade Limonada Lemonade
Juice Jugo Juice
Egg Huevo Eg
Scrambled Egg Huevos revueltos Scramble Egg
Cheese Quesso Cheese