For Immediate Release
Having reviewed the evidence given at Charles Taylor’s trial in The Hague by Naomi Campbell
everyone at Tito’s Paradise Eco Lodge at Black Johnson Beach, Sierra Leone,
West Africa, came to a unanimous decision to issue lifetime ban on Ms Campbell from visiting
Tito’s Paradise Eco Beach. See and
Summary of Decisions
Following some lengthy and heartfelt discussions by the 10 people who live and work at Tito’s
Paradise Eco Beach, who have lived through the terrible civil war in Sierra Leone, it was concluded that on “the balance of probabilities”:
1 Ms Naomi Campbell did receive at least one diamond from Charles Taylor.
2 That Ms Campbell should have known that this was a “blood diamond” stolen from Sierra Leone.
3 That Ms Campbell should have known of the terrible and horrific consequence of Charles Taylor’s
involvement in creating and perpetuating the bloody civil war in Sierra Leone.
As a result the people from Tito’s Paradise Eco Beach felt passionately that they should take
immediate action in issuing a life time banning notice to prevent Ms Naomi Campbell from ever
visiting Tito’s Paradise Eco Beach in Sierra Leone, West Africa.
Tito said “Anyone who even touched diamonds from Charles Taylor is guilty of keeping the terrible war going. Naomi Campbell will never be able to apologise to the mothers who had their children thrown into fires in front of them or the thousands who had their arms and legs chopped off or the many young girls who were raped, some even until they died. She will never, never be welcomed at Tito’s Paradise Eco Beach where we believe in peace, love and harmony.”
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Further Information and Reasoning
Examining the Flaws in the Evidence
First of all Naomi Campbell refused to attend the court and denied having received any diamonds.
The Special Court had to make an Order for Ms Campbell to appear in front of them.
When she did testify the evidence given by Ms Campbell was contradictory and lacking credibility.
She claimed to have been woken in the middle of the night and that she had been given a small bag by two men who said nothing to her and who did not say who they were.
She claimed that she did not look inside the bag but went back to sleep and only looked in the bag in
the morning.
Ms Campbell claimed that she then saw some “dirty little stones”, that she did not know what they
were and she thought they were worthless.
She said she agreed over breakfast with the suggestion that these “stones” must have been a gift from Charles Taylor.
She claimed she then gave these pebbles to Nelson Mandela’s charity.
Ms Campbell’s evidence lacks credibility for the following reasons:
1 Why did she agree that these pebbles must have been a gift from Charles Taylor?
2 If indeed she thought the “dirty little stones” were worthless, why did she give them as a gift to charity? This is simply contradictory.
We conclude therefore that Mr Campbell’s denials that she did not know that the gift was one of diamonds from Charles Taylor simply lacks credibility.