Come Fishing  

Over the last couple of days Alieu and I have been out and about on our local beach speaking with the fishermen based there and the harbour master. We are pleased to say that the local fishermen have agreed to offer a range of fishing trip experiences. This has been endorsed by the harbour master, whose permission for any boating activity on this beach is essential.


The Atlantic Ocean around here is rich in sea life. Fishing is a very important part of this local economy. Barracuda, catfish, lobster, red snapper, groupaer skate, sardines, Pollock, mackerel are just some of the familiar named fish that abound in these waters.


Other interesting varieties are hereabouts called kinny, Shine nose, Joe fish, cow ray, lattie, sheep head and kintie. The traditional beach cast net pulled up by two lines of men directly onto the beach usually contains this rich mixture and much more.


Further out at sea there is an abundance of deep sea life either to fish or just to observe.  All of this is in the setting of one of the most stunningly beautiful coastal areas in the world. (OK I admit it I am biased but it is true).


The fishermen here are really friendly; they told us that they are looking forward to showing visitors their skills and sharing their expertise and knowledge of the sea around here. They are happy to have people help with the fishing or just to sit and watch.


These guys really know what they are talking about when it comes to fishing. They live, breathe and work the sea. Just watching them laying down and pulling in their nets is something that can engross me for hours, it’s fascinating.


Mr Lamin and Mr Phey explained that they have two boats. One is a smaller traditional boat which is hand paddled and used to lay down the line of nets used for the beach casting. The other is a larger craft, again a traditional hand made boat, with an outboard motor for going further out to sea for deep sea fishing.


Now it’s your chance to come and live a different fishing experience.