On 27 Novemeber 2007 the roadworks finally began on the Peninsular Road. This may not seem earth-shattering in global terms but for the residents around the Peninsular it is very sigificant. The remaking of the road has been promised for the last five years and many say it has been paid for at least that many times.

All we know is that it was the worst road in Freetown. In the wet season the taxi drivers refused to use it because it was so bad. In the dry season the dust was a nightmare. Whichever season no vehicle could travel faster than 5 miles per hour.

The new President lives off this same road and when he was elected he declared publicly that he would not move until the road was not only mended but also remade and tarred. People around said “hmm let’s wait and see, we have heard that before”.

Now it is happening (see the photos) it seems to encapsulate a new, vibrant, attitude that will make Salone succeed. All we can say, as people who live on this road “well done Mr president and thank you”.