The United State Embassador to Sierra Leone June Carter Perry on December 14 handed over prizes to students who participated in a two page essay competition on the topic ”Why I admire those who revolted on the Amistad”.The embassador and staff of the embassy in Freetown received delegations from the Ministry of Culture, crew of the Amistad,residents from New Haven in the US and local cultural personalities. The competition was aimed at targeting schools in Freetown and Bo the second capital of Sierra Leone.

The Amistad schooner two weeks ago docked at the Freetown Government Wharf from December 9-18, and gave tour to a wide constituent of the general public the much awaited opportunity to visit La Amistad replica.The boat gave tour to about 3000 people per day.

Perry welcome the students for their interest, effort and stride in trying to have a vivid understanding about the Amistad revolt and the history of the legendary Sengbeh Pieh and fellow members of the Amistad saga.