Today for our breakfast we had fresh, fresh coconut and sweet, juicy fresh pinapple. Yesrterday we visited Burreh to organise a trip to Banana Island for a birdwatching trip that we are arranging.

It was a good day and we met with the people who would be arranging our boat and our food for the day trip.

Burreh has a different kind of striking beauty to some of the other beaches on the peninsular. It is also supposed to have some of the best surfing waves of the peninsular beaches but this apparently is seasonal and happens around March. We will keep you posted.

Burreh village is made up of traditional houses (see above) and has a very pleasant air about it, with friendly people offering cheerful greetings and expressions of welcome.

The beach area is home base of vultures which look judgelike as they perch on the rocks. We also saw a heron, lots of tiny yellow palm birds as well as a flock of small birds who seemed to live in the surf itself.

Evening time brings fantastic sunsets with the palm trees making a dramatic silhouette.

If you do go down to Burreh it is inevitable you will meet an older man who calls himself Mr Coconut man. He will offer to sell you some coconuts. This is an offer you should not refuse. He harvests the coconuts to order and they are the freshest,  sweetest tasting coconuts that you can imagine.

We bought four and brought two home with us. This morning as these two coconuts were being prepared for breakfast a woman passed by downstairs with some freshly picked pinapple for sale, just cut from the plant. We bought one to accompany the coconuts.  As breakfasts go this combination came close to perfection.