Another 5.00 am start so that we could get a good way around the Peninsular Road befor day break. This would be advantageous for our trip to Banana Island. We arrived at Kent Beach and met with Rasta Tommy ( his real name) who had organised the boat and the food and drinks for lunch and David Jones who was to be the Banana Island guide for the day. Kent as beautiful as ever. We sat at the beach bar for one soft drink whilst the boat was being prepared and then made our way to the boat

 launching beach to take our transport. This was indeed a well made boat and it carried life jackets. I was pleased with the arrangements tommy had made.  Today H would be seeing quite a different type of bird. I hoped it woould prove a fruitful day’s outing.

H enjoyed the half hour boat trip. When we were approaching the island Kenneth spotted some birds on a small outer island and some rocky reefs and he asked the boat man to slow down and cut the engine down so we could approach. we circle these areas with H taking many photographs. He ceratainly seemed pleased.

We all disembarked on the island and David took us all through the village to a small beach with newly built restaurant that was to be the base and eating place for the day (see photo below). Kenneth, H and David Jones all went on their morning treck whilst I stayed with the cooks and Tommy organising our base and refreshments.

H, Kenneth and David returned at aproximateley half past twelve for their lunch. This consisted of fresh fish, fried rice and hot pepper sauce washed down with a combiation of soft drink and Star beer. Following this there was a two hour break for resting around either in the hammocks under the trees or at a table. I had been talking to two Lithuanian men who lived in Sierra Leone and H joined in with the conversation. he explained to me that between 1.00 and 3.00 it is usually quiet for birds. Kenneth had spoken with David Jones and he had a small boat that he was going to use to  take the three of them to a smaller rocky island just off the main island. At 3.00 they set off. They returned around 5.30 having spent half the afternoon looking at the sea area for the many sea birds there and half of it around the island interior which is a rich and beautiful forrest area that also boasts the countries largest Cotton Tree (according to David Jones).

We then made our way back through the friendly village to the boat to take us back to Kent.