The tents in the small campsite on Tiwai are positively luxurious, all previously set up and each with a matress and pillow. In the middle of the jungle with all the interesting sounds around, in totally pure fresh air and following a few Star beers in the eating area of the campsite it was very easy to fall into a deep and restful sleep. Dawn at 5.45 brought with it a freshness and a gradual awakening of the animals and birds of the day.

The shower and toilet facilities were also very good and feeling very refreshed after a good sleep and a shower we sat down to a breakfast of omlette cooked from our provisions by the local staff who were at all times helpful and pleasant.

After break fast H and Kenneth went off into the bush with one of the Tiwai Island guides. Kojo and I stayed back at base camp to make all necessary arrangements to ensure the smooth running of the rest of the day.

We sorted out the food and the purchase of some freshwater fish for lunch. Then we arranged for the late afternoon,early evening canoe ride.

Kennethe and H returned for lunch just before midday and we ate a wonderful meal. In the early afternoon when life in the rainforrest is at its quietest we rested in the shade of the covered eating area.[picture below] We sat quietly enjoying the serenity of these hours. Then two magical things happened. First a troupe of monkeys wove in and out of the trees directly in front of us, followed shortly after they disappeared by a couple who came and sat on the branch opposite where we were sat (see picture). We watched spellbound. Shortly after they disappeared back into the dense bush two beautiful birds appeared 9see earlier picture). They were black with the most dramatic vivid blue and bright red markings. A lovely sight.

Deatail od canoe ride to follow later.