Last weekend james and I decided that we had to take a field trip to try and locate the elusive Amorphophallus Elliotii. Our main clue was the last recorded photograph in 1892, whch detailed the place the plant had been found as Walia. see the original blog of 15th Novemeber for all the information that we had been given and discovered. Our early investigation made us decide to head for Wallah, in theprovinces for the start of our search. This story, which will be detailed in a future blog, is one which involved an amazing amount of help in our search by all the local people who we asked. We also were greatly aided in our quest by the London Mining Company, a company whose interest is in mining iron ore, who gave the pictures that we had been sent to all of their security team and asked them to help in the search.

It was in fact one of these men who found the plant in one of the locations. This man is called 5 Star and as well as being head of security for London Mining Company in marampa, he is also a heavy weight boxer in the SL National Boxing Team. Please see below for photos of 5 star with the plant. It is fair to say he is the right build to be an eco warior protector.

We sent the above photgraphs to the person who originally asked us to look for the plant and also to the expert from Holland who had commented on the original blog on this subject and they have both confirmed that it is highly likely that this indeed is the “missing” Elliotii” subject to some further tests/photographs. We have agreed to continue to work to reach a definite conclusion. Full story to follow.