Bravo to the Ballanta Acadamay of Music for its excellent production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s operetta, The Gondoliers.

Last Sunday’s matinee performance at the Leone Preparetary School, off Kingharman Road, Brookfields was a magnificent rendition of this Gilbert and Sulivan classic operetta. The cast filled the auditorium with their powerful voices giving full justice to both the music and the intricacies of the lyrics.

The stage set was well designed. The first act brought the waterway streets of Venice and the life of the gondoliers (waterway taxi/poda poda drivers) right to the audience.The second act saw the action transferred to the royal court of Barataria because it was believed that one of the two main gondoliers had unknowingly succeeded as the new king of Barataria.

Roaring choruses, stirring solos and duets together with well choreographed dancing, brought the story of the gondoliers  directly to the audience as the plot unfolded with its different twists and turns.

Are the two gondoliers going to be able to stay with their newly wed wives? Will the Duke and Duchess of Piaza-Torro’s daughter be forced to accept one of them as her husband instead? Who really is the new king of Barataria? Will there be a happy ending?

Come and find out for yourselves at one of the remaiming performances on Friday 12 and Saturday 13 at 8.00pm or Sunday 14th at 6.00pm. It is a treat and comes highly recommended.