Dog Blog  

Allow me to introduce our dogs and to tell you a bit about them.


The oldest of them all is called George Bush. He is a medium build, sandy coloured dog with a quizzical look in his eye which is enhanced by his black eyeliner eyes and his well defined eyebrows.


He was named George Bush when he was a young puppy because of his tendency to attack everyone both without receiving provocation and without giving any warning. He used to live at my mother-in-law’s house but he became too notorious in the street where she lives and so he was sent over to our compound which is more secure and more secluded from passers by.


Next on the scene came Lady. She is about six months younger than George Bush. Lady is a dainty little thing. Slim and nearly white all over. She has just a few freckles and a patch of light brown fur over one eye and both ears. Lady was given to us by someone working on our building site. His dog had had puppies and he was having problems finding homes for the bitches. Now I am a bitch woman, so to speak, call it female solidarity if you wish but I just love to have a bitch around the yard.


As I said before, dainty, is the word that describes Lady’s appearance to a tee, she even lies down with her fore legs crossed in front of her but remember appearances can be deceptive. Lady is a tough nut.


Even when she first arrived in the compound at the tender age of six weeks old she took to dive bombing George Bush from the top of the back door step. He in return was as gentle as a sheep with her. He would play with her and sometimes overturn her with his nose but he never so much as growled or snapped at her even when she was tormenting him by her rough antics.


JC came to us just a couple of weeks after Lady. JC is a full blood sister of Lady. The man who owned their mum gave up on his efforts to find another home for a bitch so he just brought her along to the building site one day and told my partner that he could no longer feed her and that he wanted us to have her because we looked after our dogs. What could we do? Of course we took her in and hence her name JC standing for Jas Cam, a name usually reserved for Salonians recently returned home.


JC is a handsome rather than a pretty dog. Her colouring looks as though sandy patches have been painted on a white background. She is really a timid creature and has never been a match for Lady, even when they were both eight weeks old. She lost all their rough and tumble play decisively. She was terrified of George Bush even though he was not aggressive towards her in the least.


It was rather a funny thing that George Bush, who struck justifiable fear in the hearts of most human beings, became a very responsible and gentle foster father. He would play with Lady and JC and put up with having Lady spring on his back from any vantage point.


JC’s strength though was her appetite. Boy could that dog eat, particularly when she was a pup. When it came to sourcing more food she overcame all her normal reticence. Whereas she usually gave George Bush a wide berth she would just come up to his food and brazenly start to eat it after finishing her own. She would even give a little growl to him if he continued with his meal.  Whether George Bush was just surprised by such determination from a junior dog or whether his role as a ‘new dad’ had really made a difference we will never know but his response was always to just walk away.


Coming soon:

How George Bush became a changed animal.