The English Premier league seems to have generated a lot of mometum amongst the youths in the country. The impact has not only been felt at the Sierra Leone FA in Freetown,but also in the local footballclubs in the country which complain about the low turnout in match attendance. The popularity of just a few English football clubs seems to have dominated other sporting disciplines in the country. When Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal or Chelsea are playing fans will be crowded into any venue showing these games. Certainly people show appreciation for the quality in the game and matches undergo serious post match analysis and discussion. 

Local football fans around the country have set up Fan Clubs in support of their different teams in the Premier League,some of these Fan Clubs even have football clubs they sponsor carrying names such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, amongst others.  In the the amateur leagues  held around the country local footballers and fans often adopt names from the  English premier league big stars like Christiano Ronaldo,Fabrigas,Kalou,Drogba,Adebayoh to name just a few.The amount af support these teams have generated over the years in Sierra Leone’s football history cannot be underestimated and football supporters will be greeted by friends as “The Gunners”, “You’ll never walk alone”, “Man U” or “Chelsea.”

It has been argued that this unpatriotic supporting  of English Premier League clubs has resulted in the countrys’ football not moving in the right direction. Many fans around the country have disputed the fact that the country’s ill fortunes over the previous years has anything to do with the local support of  English Premier Clubs. In the process to find out what impact the English league had had over the years we will be unveiling the different fan clubs around Freetown and its municipality and hearing their perspective on this debate.