Cricket has been played at Freetown Oval for over fifty years. Sierre Leone’s national team over the last few years has been trying to regain its early glory years of the sixties and seventies when it was leading nation in West African cricket . The civil war of the 1990’s caused cricket to fall into decline but recently it has started to grow again. Now cricket is played  in schools in Freetown and there are over 6 league teams which  play in dry season from November to May . In 1970’s Sierre Leone had regualr tours by the MCC. Other English club teams visited on a regular basis, playing cricket and enjoying golf at the wonderful Lumley beach course situated next to the Atalantic ocean, followed by beach barbeques. This all made a lovely break from the gloom of the English winter months  . Huge potential  now exists for cricket tours to start again, These could be school to school or club to club level. The tours could also linked to beach tourism or cultutal/eco tousim/volunteering activities. e.g cricket coaching opportunities for local youth. This could be organised through Minsisrty of Youth or the SL National Cricket Asscoaition. For more information use our contact page or leave a comment below.