The ComediansThe Comedians planning an actthe Comedians

The Comedians put on one of their entertaining and lively shows yesterday evening at the Aces Club in Aberdeen. As usual this popular duo of entertainers thrilled the crowd and made them laugh in appreciation at their antics.

The Comedians are famous in Freetown and all around Sierra Leone for their lively, talented and humerous dance and acting routines. Samual (Lafiedy) and Ibrahim (Sanaorge) have won many awards and aclaims in Sierra leone and would like the opportunity to take their lively acts to a wider audience world wide.The Comedians won the Premier Award at the National Stadium, 2005 for best comedy, best stage performance, best form, best comedy dress and best joker. In 2007 they won the TBS award for best artists in Sierra Leone.

The  Comedians take their work of entertaining people very seriously. A  lot of thought and preparation goes into their productions, performances, dance routines and dress. They have studied their art form carefully.

They explained that the idea behind their routines is  one of dressing up and acting  as old people and in particular how old people react with children. They recognised the comedy value that underpins many of these exchanges.

They have both been working in the field of comedy for about ten years now and came together to work as a team and develop their act around six years ago. They costantly reherse and perfect their performances, developing new ideas for comedy together.

The Comedians are available to perform at weddings, street performances , parties,welcomes at the airport, stage performances, nightclubs and private functions. Contact them through the contact form below.