Tonight 19 December 2007, the question for the populace of Freetown  is whether indeed there will be a permanent electricity supply from tomorrow.  An electricity supply was highlighted by the SLPP government as one of their key targets but a constant source of electricity just did not materialise when they were in power and many suggested that the issue of energy supply was just a fallacy,”to gain more votes”. On top of that there were allegations of ,at best mismanagement or at worst blatant corruption in the National Power Authority, it being supposedly responsible for a constant electricity supply just never being acheived. Now that there is a change in government does this mean that the promised electricity supply for Freetown is becoming a reality? Surely the arrival of  the power generators in the country is a sign of hope that this time the promise will become a reality.

The issue of electricity supply had been a problem in Freetown for about a decade now, driving investors away from coming to Sierra Leone.One of the results of the exorbitant cost in businesses having to manage privately own generators is a high cost of goods and services. The newly elected president, Ernest Bai Koroma, made  24 hour electricity a priority in his manisfesto . Will his dreams come true tomorrow? Sierra Leoneans hope and pray that this time the promise has become a reality. If so Freetown will begin to enjoy electricity tomorrow, December 20 and if this is the case,what future lies ahead of Sierra Leone? The country will forge into the future for sure.